Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Scheduling, Payments, & Policies

  • How can I schedule an appointment?

    Call us at +971 55 926 4183 and we will be happy to find a time that works for you! ​You can also book online up to one hour before the appointment start time. ​

  • What are the proven benefits of a massage?

    Massages have both physical and mental benefits.

    It has been proven that massages have several positive effects on the human body. First of all, they help stress-induced pain. Taking regular massages can help stop stress-headaches. Secondly, massages reduce muscle stiffness and muscle tension. They also help prevent muscle spasms. This helps keep your joints flexible. It will also enable you to breath deeper and easier and can lower your blood pressure. This can help increase your overall stamina. Last of all a massage can fortify your immune system, creating a healthier skin.

    Mentally massages have been proven to increase your mental rest, increase your alertness and reduce stress. It will give you a satisfied feeling and will strengthen the bond between mind and body.

  • Are walk-ins and same day appointments available?

    Walk-ins for massage appointments or for aromatherapy and gift purchases are always welcome during our regular front desk hours.

    Same day appointments are sometimes available, and we can also put you on our waitlist. However, our massage therapists tend to be fully booked so we recommend booking in advance.

  • Will I get a full 60 minutes of massage when I book a 1 hour appointment?

    ​Yes, you receive the full amount of treatment time that you pay for. You are not charged for the intake and interview process, or the time it takes you to dress.

  • What if I am late arriving to my appointment?

    ​Please arrive on time for your appointment. Time for your appointment has been specially arranged for you. If you arrive late your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours. We will do our best to provide you with the services you have booked, but we cannot guarantee the full time if you arrive late. Full payment for your scheduled services will be expected.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    ​We accept cash, debit card*, credit card*, or gift cards.

Before, During, and After Your Massage

  • What should I expect during my first massage therapy visit?

    ​You will be required to fill out a Client Intake Form and sign a HIPAA Acknowledgment form. Afterward, the therapist will begin by asking you general questions to establish what areas you would like worked on, if there are any conditions needing to be addressed, and determine if massage is appropriate for you.

    Your massage therapist may perform certain assessments and testing to evaluate your condition.

    It is important to list all health concerns and medications so the therapist can adapt the session to your specific needs without doing any harm. It is also important to list any allergies so the therapist is aware if he/she needs to use a different oil or lotion during the session.

  • How early should I arrive for my massage?

    New clients should arrive 15 minutes prior to their massage to fill out paperwork and meet with their therapist prior to their treatment if needed. Returning clients should arrive 10 minutes prior to their session.​

  • What do I do during a massage treatment?

    ​Make yourself comfortable. If your therapist wants you to adjust your position, she/he will either move you or will ask you to move what is needed. Otherwise, change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable.

    Many people close their eyes and relax completely during a session; others prefer to talk. It’s up to you. It is your massage, and whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.

  • Can I talk during my session?

    Sure, if you’d like to talk go right ahead. The important thing to remember is that this treatment is all about you relaxing and enjoying the experience. Many therapists discourage talking in hopes that you will relax, let your mind float free and enter a state of massage bliss.​

    ​In many instances, people may feel more relaxed starting off talking, and as the massage progresses, enter quiet states of relaxation.

    Most importantly, there are times when you need to speak up. If the therapist is doing anything to make you uncomfortable, you should let her/him know immediately. Also, let him/her know if you get too warm or too cold, if the room is too bright, or if the pressure needs to be changed (lighter or deeper). If something is not working for you, speak up! It’s OK!​

  • How long will a massage treatment last?

    All massage treatments begin and end on time. You are more than welcome to arrive 10 minutes early for your session to allow time to get on the table without interfering with your scheduled time.​

    60-Minute, 90-Minute & 120-Minute Massages: The average full-body massage treatment lasts approximately one hour or longer if you choose.

    Many people prefer a 60-120 minute session for optimal relaxation. Always allow relaxation time prior to and after the session.

  • How many sessions will I need?

    Honestly, it’s hard to say. Every person is unique and every condition is unique to each person. It may take one session or it may take several. You and your therapist will be able to talk more specifically about this after your first session and he/she has had a chance to evaluate your body’s tissues.​

  • Do I have to listen to meditation music or new age music during my massage?

    ​No. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) While many therapists play slower, quieter, ‘new age’ type of music, you can choose to have different music or no music at all. Studies have shown that music at under 60 beats-per-minute has a calming, relaxing effect on the body and therefore can enhance your experience.

    However, while this may be true, any music you like to listen to while you relax can be played while you get a massage. If it relaxes you and you enjoy it at home, why would it not do the same during your treatment? It is perfectly okay to bring your own music with you to your session from home (I-Pod only).

  • How will I feel after my massage treatment?

    ​Most people feel very relaxed. Some experience a significant decrease or freedom from long-term aches and pains. Many feel a little slowed down for a short period and then notice an increase of energy, heightened awareness and increased productivity which can last for days.

    If you received a deep massage, you may be slightly sore the next day – much like a good workout at the gym. Sometimes a hot shower or a soak in the tub can ease this soreness.​

    ​After your session, you should increase your water intake. Just a glass or two more than normal is usually fine. This helps keep your body’s tissues hydrated and healthy.

  • What should I do after I receive a massage?

    It's a great idea to give yourself some additional time after your massage to continue relaxing and to allow your body to fully absorb the benefits of massage. We leave plenty of time in between appointments so that you never feel hurried and can take your time before you head out the door.​

  • Is it ok to exercise right after a massage?

    Yes, it's ok to exercise after a massage, but most people prefer to stay relaxed.

"Touchy" Topics

  • What if I fall asleep, snore, or drool during my massage?

    This very often happens during a massage and is nothing to be embarrassed about. Just take it as a sign you are enjoying the relaxation!​

  • Can I blow my nose, itch, or get up and go to the bathroom during a session?

    Of course! We don’t want you lying there uncomfortable and preoccupied, so feel free to take care of it.​

  • What if I forgot to shave?

    No Problem!

  • Should I tell my therapist if I have a rash or wart?

    Yes, please let your massage therapist know right away.

  • What if I’ve experienced a trauma (or abuse) that is still triggered by touch? Should I let my massage therapist know?

    Yes, absolutely let your massage therapist know if you do not want to be touched in a specific area or in a certain way. You don’t have to give us any details, and you have the right to ask to take a break or end your massage all together at any time, for any reason.

  • If I’m attracted to my massage therapist, can I ask him or her out?

    Our professional ethical code of conduct that requires us to make sure boundaries are clear, and massage therapist-client relationships must be kept professional, or be terminated if things become personal. Additionally, we have a zero tolerance policy and any sexual advances, innuendo, or inappropriate touching is grounds for immediate termination of your session.


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